Charleston Area Beekeepers Association

Welcome to the Charleston Area Beekeepers Association (CABA) webpage. Regardless whether you are simply interested in honey bees, a new beekeeper, or an experienced beekeeper, we hope you can find more information here and we would like for you to consider becoming a member. 


(CABA) is a completely volunteer organization comprised of members mainly from (but not limited to) the general vicinity of Charleston, South Carolina, USA. CABA is one of the largest honey bee associations in South Carolina.

Calendar of events

From meetings to learning opportunites, to parties, and more! See what is happening next for CABA.

LInks and resources

We have collected some useful links to other webpages and resources to help you in your beekeeping journey. Check back often to see what’s new and please let us know if you find another great beekeeping link we can add!


Have a swarm? Don't panic! 

Swarming honey bees are not usually dangerous unless provoked.

Some of our CABA members are skilled in the removal and rescue/relocation of honey bees and swarms. If you should find a swarm or wild colony of honey bees, please do not attack the bees. Please fill out the form and we will try to find someone to help!

Name *
Is texting you ok?
Texting is sometimes just a little easier, let us know if that is ok.
Do you think they are honeybees?
Of the swarm location please.
Are they in a tree? How high? Under a table? Or in your wall? Please provide a little detail about where the bees are at the moment, it helps us provide the best beekeeper for the situation.