Certified Beekeepers Course

Are you interested in learning about bees or how to become a beekeeper?

Beekeeping can be done on a smaller scale at home in the urban environment as well as in rural areas. Many CABA beekeepers have a single hive or a few hives in their backyards which flourish and not only aid our community by increasing the overall population and gene-pool of honeybees; but also provide them with robust vegetable gardens and a fun interesting hobby to share with family and friends...not to mention the side-product of some delicious honey!  This course is designed for someone who has never had bees, looking to get into beekeeping, has had bees, or wants to be a better beekeeper. 



Class Format:
 2-day Beginner Beekeeping Course

 Class meets all day on Sat and Sun 8:30a-5p

Advance registration is required. 

Please plan to arrive between 8:00-8:30am on Saturday to sign-in.

Registration confirmation is issued by email when payment is received.

[Class begins promptly at 9am; individuals on the waitlist may be permitted entry in place of registrants who are not present at the time class begins.]


Course Fee:

Course fee is $75 per person and includes the following:

  • Beekeeping book/training materials/instruction/cookies or light refreshment
    Bring your own non-alcoholic beverage in a spill-proof sports bottle or insulated coffee mug
  • There is no refrigeration or ice machine available at the classroom.
  • Hands-on hive visit with a beekeeper at a working honeybee hive is included in price. The hive visit is not conducted during the class; it is scheduled when weather is warm enough to permit entering a hive without harming bees (generally in mid-March).

Testing? Not mandatory, but kinda neat!

  • We encourage beekeepers to study to become a State Certified Beekeeper. A written and practical exam are required. Review details about the South Carolina Master Beekeeping Program
You will be eligible to take the written exam after this class (with a testing fee); however, it is not required. The exam is also offered at other times during the year in association with the State beekeeping conferences. 

CABA will offer the State written exam for Certified level at the end of class on Sunday, approximately 4pm.  A fee of $10 (cash/check only) will be collected at the point when you pick up your exam packet. (This exam is optional and the $10 fee submitted to the State to sit for the exam is not included in the CABA Beekeeping course fee.) 

Beekeepers are eligible to make arrangements to take the State practical exam after beekeeping in the state for at least one year. 

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