Beekeepers Class

Beekeepers Class


Registration is Closed at this time, please note, but will be opened soon. Please check back.

Class dates: Sat, Jan 18th, 2020 8:00 AM- 5pm  Sun, Jan 19th 2020 8 am- 5:00 PM

Cost of the class includes (class fees are non-refundable):

Year membership in the CABA.

Year membership is SCBA.

Beekeeping book/training materials/instruction

Light refreshments
Bring your own non-alcoholic beverage in a spill-proof sports bottle or insulated coffee mug

  • There is no refrigeration or ice machine available at the classroom.

  • Hands-on hive visit with a beekeeper at a working honeybee hive is included in price. The hive visit is not conducted during the class; it is scheduled when weather is warm enough to permit entering a hive without harming bees (generally in mid-March).

During the class you will have an opportunity to order bees at an additional costs, options and more information will be discussed during the class.

Please dress in layers, temperature in the room can vary at times.

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